Bring on the frogs!

One of my (many) self-destructive tendencies is procastination. After researching this I have concluded that I am better than some and worse than others, but it adversely affects me pretty much every work day. I manage to make deadlines and keep things on schedule, but I also spend a lot of time wishing for asteroid … Continue reading Bring on the frogs!

Searching for the Curious

As much as I try to check my privileges and battle my biases I know they are there, influencing me in ways I'd sometimes rather they didn't. I constantly remind myself to pause and think before acting or reacting, because there's a good chance my instincts are based on childhood conditioning, rather than what my … Continue reading Searching for the Curious

The simplest decision = the hardest work

I have long suspected that all of us face the same decision at some point in our lives. Some of us are never aware of it and I doubt if it always comes from a single event, but unconsciously or not all of us have to decide what sort of person we will be (refusing … Continue reading The simplest decision = the hardest work

MORE life outside of work

Continuing on from yesterdays if you needed more encouragement and suggestions for getting a life outside of work, more excuses to spend time away from your job or more reasons to get a little lost in your own bubble...below are websites to help. Get creative with pen and paper and stories and images … Continue reading MORE life outside of work

Life outside of work

As the result of a recent conversation with a friend I have been thinking about how I and other people occupy our 'free' time. My friend is a football (soccer) fan and we were discussing her options for activities once the season ends. I was trying to convince her not to do her job of … Continue reading Life outside of work