What it all boils down to.

It feels as if an explanation is required. On New Year’s Eve 2018 I finally blocked out the noise/got off my ass/took advantage of my privilege/used my brain and started my very own thingie.

This is where a disclaimer becomes necessary: this thingie isn’t for you. This thingie is for me.

I am making it available to whoever can find it, and whoever is interested or bored enough to read it, because for some reason it doesn’t feel real without doing that. I might change my mind.

As this is my thingie I expect it will contain the occasional swear word, possibly a recipe or two if they’re good enough, book and film reviews (probably scathing and ill thought out) and an awful lot of ramblings about life, because what else is there?

I love science, art and very expensive chocolates and I hate small minded bigots, people who behave like arseholes and butter beans. For those reasons there will be a lot of me gasping about how amazing some new science thing is and then immediately ranting about how fucking pathetic it is that some people are scared of anyone not exactly like themselves, almost as if I have an opinion and have created my own space on the internet within which I can express it….hmmmmm.

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  1. Consuela Ortega says:

    I’m hoping that we can share your thingie, if you know what I mean [wink]. I was curious to know what “butter beans” are. From context I assume some type of awful person. Urban Dictionary is giving conflicting and disgusting definitions.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Butter Beans, or Phaseolus lunatus, otherwise known as Lima beans, are the worst of all the beans. They are bland but at the same time disgusting. Their texture is dry, yet they manage to also be slimy. It gives me comfort to know there is someone in the world who has never had to suffer them. Stay strong Consuela, resist the bean.

  2. Consuela Ortega says:

    Thanks for your quick reply. Yes Lima beans are awful. Are they worse than bigots though? That’s a tricky one. If you could wave a wand and all Lima beans were gone, or all bigots were gone, which would it be? I suppose beans are easier to avoid than bigots but they sometimes hide in stews (the beans not the bigots).

    1. errantmoon says:

      Thank you! This is exactly why I joined the internet, to answer the BIG questions! If such a magic wand were available I would have to disappear the bigots I suppose. There are some weirdos who like Lima beans, and bigots seems to cause more problems, so I would have to set aside my personal desires and do what would be best for the majority…sigh, it’s hard being so selfless.

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