I am breaking my blog-fast to thoroughly recommend Russian Doll on Netflix.  I read that it takes a couple of episodes to get into, but I was pretty much hooked from moment one (although that may well not be the case with everyone, it is well worth sticking with). It is irreverent, full of swearing and drugs and flawed people I would like to meet.

I echo a voice in the comments section on IMDB – PLEASE don’t ruin it by making a second season.


(Also includes an awesome bathroom).

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  1. Plinky McPlonky says:

    You are bang on the money there, I really enjoyed this. For some reason it made me want a cigarette though. I can’t see any room for a second season. Mind you I couldn’t see any room for a second season of The Good Place and they managed to make one more good season after the first.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Although it can be a slog to find decent telly entertainment, aren’t you tired of finding something good then feeling like they make as many of them as they can just to force you to watch? Know when to finish people! Find something new to do!

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