Peachy, not preachy

It has been WAAAAAAAY to preachy around here recently, so to break up the self-improvement and high-mindedness that’s been going on I have decided to bestow upon the world some wisdom and recommendations to make everyone’s lives better.  Here goes:

Cheese and lime pickle sandwiches.  Sounds pretty bad I know, and I was sceptical when I first heard it, but I love cheese and I love lime pickles so I decided to take the chance that combining them wouldn’t make me hate either of them.  OMFSM (Oh My Flying Spagetti Monster) I now add lime pickle to the cheese on everything, including jacket potatoes and there are 3 lime pickles and 1 lemon pickle in my fridge now….I DARE ya to try it.

Starbucks gift cards.  I heard the most fabulous idea here.  When you go on holiday, instead of returning with a pocket full of foreign change, put it onto a Starbucks gift card and use it when you get home.  I have no idea what Starbucks exchange rate is, but are you ever really gonna use all that change?

Go Deeper.  It doesn’t cost you any more money than you have already spent, and can help you develop hobbies and skills that you love and will serve you well for the rest of your life.  Read about it here.

ALWAYS reverse bay park.  One of my many mottos is ‘Do your future self a favour’ and reverse bay parking is one of those favours.  If you reverse in it means you don’t have to reverse out.  It is also particularly important if you ever have to park in dodgy, dark or dangerous places, because you can just get straight into your car and drive off.  Also, it is a cool skill to master because people think you can’t and I like proving them wrong.

Window privacy vinyl.  Never have to wash net curtains again! Here and Here.


(Typical British weather on a net-free window)



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