Something to ponder.

Following on from my post about finding your tribe I’ve been thinking about almost the exact opposite.

Consider the following and choose the group that is furthest away from you, the people who are the most different to your tribe:
Middle aged women who are part of the WI
Young Indian men who drive taxis
Retired white men who walk their dogs all day
Teenage Trans women living on the opposite side of the world
Professional gardeners in South Africa
2nd generation Chinese Americans living in Peru

Now consider which of these you are most likely to do and enjoy:
Watching Superhero films
Reading about the use of garlic in cooking
Collecting drinks coasters
Climbing mountains, even if it is only in your mind
Watching sporting events on telly with your mates
Filling in personality quizzes to work out which toast topping you are

I 100% GUARANTEE that there are members of whichever group you picked from the first list who also enjoy whatever you picked from the second. There may well be huge, often insurmountable, differences between us but we should never forget that there will also ALWAYS be things we do the same.

Even the fact that there are 7 billion unique individuals on the planet doesn’t stop us from having one thing in common.


Really, NOTHING around here is logical.

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