NOT all things to all people

When I began this blog I wrote about how this ‘thingie’ was for me, not anyone else. I used the term ‘thingie’ not only because I have a silly streak, but also because I did not have my blog and it’s contents defined in my mind…I still don’t. There is a valid argument that for a blog to be successful it should have a main topic or theme, my problem is that I’m not entirely sure I want my blog to be successful.

I thoroughly enjoy the idea that other people read my words, but that isn’t the reason I write them.

I am becoming more and more certain that the reason I write this is to enable me to examine and define my own thoughts, it seems vital to me that if you hold opinions they should at least be deliberate and considered. There is also the matter of mental well-being. It should be, must be, possible to engage with people on the internet without endangering your mental health, but it takes some serious boundary reinforcement and safeguards.

This blog, and my being able to write whatever I want on it, is good for my slightly wonky mind, but it is as anonymous as I can make it and will never be promoted on social media. I am not so much shouting into the void as gently whispering into my own ear. I do not want Instagram perfection or Twitter wit and facebook outrage and lies make me physically ill, those things will not be part of my internet existence.

I enjoy reading as much, if not more than, I enjoy writing, but I really try to make the blogs I read be from people who are describing their real lives. I want to know about struggles and successes from individuals who are writing the truth, not the pretty versions of perfection that the majority seem to want to hear. I also want to know about the amazing charity shop find they had, the new recipe they discovered and the bittersweet memory of first love that a song evoked. I want the minutiae of their lives so that I know there are others like me out there in the world.

So I will write whatever is filling up my brain, hoping that it speaks to someone else too, but continuing to do it even if it doesn’t.


(Icelandic glacier – artious picturous)

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  1. Finding My Happy Living it, Loving it! says:

    So totally agree, I love the anonymity that blogging offers but it has to be real, and therefore it has to be personal. Love your writing style

    1. errantmoon says:

      Thank you! Deciding for yourself what you are, or aren’t, willing to share is liberating but it is hard getting past what you ‘should’ be writing. I am basically at the ‘sod that for a game of soldiers’ stage of blogging, but I really appreciate you getting in touch 🙂

  2. You have a great voice in your writing, I could read it all day!
    Blogging as therapy is a big part for me and accountability of course to my recovery; I appreciate and can relate to it examining and defining your thoughts. I enjoy what you’ve got going in that brain of yours!

    1. errantmoon says:

      Thank you! The thingie might be just for me, but I am still human and I appreciate knowing someone else likes the stuff I write. I know the value of getting things, even positive things, out of your head and onto the ‘page’, they either lose power over you, or reinforce what you know to be right. Being able to do this is something I treasure as self-care.

      1. You are so insightful and I love your perspectives.
        I’m following through on going to each of my follower’s sites as I have been a bit self-centered and not giving back the support I’m receiving. You were my first stop and sorry for taking so long!
        After setting up my about me pages the other day I realized how much effort everyone is going through on their blogs and that should be appreciated.

        1. errantmoon says:

          It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there, as long as you get there…bleugh, too cheesy?…Yeah, way too cheesy 🙂

  3. I love me some good cheesiness!
    I just want you to know you are a big part of my life and I appreciate you.
    Thought you were cheesy, eh?

    1. errantmoon says:

      Woah, I can smell that cheese from all the way over here! LOOOOOOOVE me some cheese (except that moldy blue stuff) 🙂

      1. Eww, I know right, that is just wrong.

  4. errantmoon says:

    Why would anyone willingly eat moldy food?! People are weird….although, blue cheese is still better than butter beans so maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on them.

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