Recommended Delights

Just a quick post to break yet another Blog-fast.  Relaxing and recuperating to me means music, drifting thoughts and gentle inspiration triggers…all included below:

BBC 6 Music – a wonderful place to find new music, bands and artists.  Most of their DJs are passionate about finding new talent and sharing it with you.  Of course there are times of the day that I prefer to listen (because of the likability or otherwise of the DJs) but overall this is by far the best music station for independent music as well as forgotten favourites.  This is a BBC digital station so should be findable everywhere.

BBC 6 MUSIC – Lucy McNamara

Slow TV – this has everything, from 9 hour train journeys between Oslo and Bergen to 3 hours of someone knitting a jumper.  My favourite ones are the fireplaces, no sounds other than crackling logs burning with an occasional flicker as they add more wood…perfect to drift off to sleep to.  Search ‘Slow TV’ on Netflix.

Netflix and Really Chill: A Quick Guide to Slow TV

Cabin PornNOT PORN! Instead it is artfully taken photographs of log cabins, cabins in the middle of nowhere and cabins I would truly love to inhabit.  Most of us will never build our own cabin, but we can still dream…


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