An Appeal to fellow Brits

Please VOTE.

If you are eligible to vote in the local elections on Thursday PLEASE VOTE.

Local elections may not seem that important, but if you care about potholes in your roads and whether or not contracts for huge new shopping centres are awarded fairly then you really should be interested.  Local elections are where things start, where people influence decisions that impact you every day.

I know some people avoid voting because they don’t think they know enough about politics, which is absolutely fine…I avoid the news as much as is humanly possible, I understand the urge to wash your hands of the shouty people, so here is MY quick guide:

You should only vote Right (Conservative/Tory) if you are ALREADY rich and racist.  You should vote Left (whichever flavour you prefer at the Local level) if you care about fairness, equality and dignity.

I am NOT claiming that all politicians on the Left are good and decent people, they are politicians…those things do not go hand in hand, but even though democracy is the best of a bad bunch of governing options, it works better if everyone gets involved.

One final appeal to emotion: My grandfather fought in the War.  The War against the Nazis.  The Nazis who want to tell you EXACTLY how to live (or NOT) based on your age, gender, race, sex, marital status, wealth, location, abilities, religion and however they are feeling on the day.  I prefer to be treated equally no matter what…and I wish the same for everyone else.

I have said before, (and I’m pretty sure I’ll say it again at some point) people DIED to ensure we live in a democratic, free country, please don’t let their sacrifices be in vain.

Please go and VOTE on Thursday and every other day on which you can.

Your vote counts!

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