On this random date, chosen for no reason other than convenience, I have decided to gift myself a round-up of all the tasks, objectives and missions I set myself since starting this blog.  This is also to kick my own ass on the stuff I have let slip, either I let them go completely (and stop whining about it) or I restart them with increased vigour.

Journaling doesn’t sound like a real word – and it wasn’t.  I did not manage to keep up my daily journal as I had last year.  Last year I used a guided journal and as I got so much from it I shall do it again next year.  This year I will keep up my single line diary entries (because my memory is shockingly bad and I enjoy the jolt of surprise when I realise it has been a whole year since that thing, whatever it was, happened) and make sure to purchase a Daily Stoic Journal before Jan 1st 2020.

Down with the resolution. Viva the challenge! – I haven’t climbed any more mountains this year (other than the metaphoric ones which we all tackle daily) but my crane army is growing as it should.  I am on number 595 which means I am well on my way to complete the 1000 on the auspicious (for me) date I have chosen in about 2 years’ time.  It takes just a few seconds each morning to fold the newest recruit but those moments are another small step towards the completion of a challenge I set myself, for no-one’s benefit but mine.

No such thing as average – while I didn’t set myself a challenge or mission in this post what I did do is use language I will be trying to avoid in the future.  I described people as ‘being’ schizophrenic, epileptic and autistic.  Society likes to define people by their ailments and abilities…I don’t want to do that anymore.  I have decided to not rewrite the post but in the future I will try to separate the person from their label.  Not everybody suffers with their condition or ailment, some people thrive and everyone lives.

Learning from others – still trying to ignore the shitty and stupid things.  I suspect this is a lifelong mission.

Part Two tomorrow…Woohoo!

Directionless wanderings

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