Next Round-up

Part two of my ass kicking, self reminding and gentle prodding…Part one here

Doing stuff you don’t wanna – along with reining in my ego (a bit) pausing to consider what the other people in the room might be expert on has caused me to also admit the possibility that things may end up going well, as opposed to always thinking that the worst outcome is the most likely.  There is probably an entire blog post in that subject, so watch this space.

Finding your tribe – yesterday I did a couple of the things on my list of rules for finding your tribe.  I don’t know what the outcome will be yet, maybe nothing, but I certainly feel better for having done them.

Big city – my flights of fancy are where some of my most satisfying ideas come from. not the ideas that solve problems at work and not the ideas that I use to plan for the future. Flights of fancy ideas are the ones that give me comfort, indulge my whimsy and make me smile to myself (without a care of what I look like to others). Y’know…the GOOD ideas.

Peachy not preachy – I still always reverse bay park, I am attempting to go deeper not wider and lime pickle and cheese sandwiches are still mildly disturbing and delicious in equal measure.

Not all things to all people – I am still absolutely convinced that if you hold opinions they must be deliberate and considered and I am thankful that I have this blog in which to do that…Yay me!

Part Three tomorrow…

End Of The Road festival art

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