Round-up part three

Part One here and Part Two here.

Avoiding Drama-Llamas and other assorted arseholes – I spoke up when I saw an injustice, stood up to be counted and creditted those around me…screw you arseholes.

Pressing the keys – I have drawn, I have written, I haven’t yet designed a more efficent tractor but it’s on the list.

Is where as important and when – I am still using a standing desk and I am still loving it, although I swiftly learned to put the coffee down before shaking my ass. I haven’t surrounded myself with greenery yet but that too is on the list.

Life outside of work and More life outside of work – I have attempted several of the activities on the list…one or two (blogging!!) appear to be sticking. As shallow as that sounds what it really means is I have even more in my life, of which we get only one and a short one at that. My real ambition is to pack my life to the rafters, with the stuff maybe only I enjoy, but making the most of my time.

The simplest decision = the hardest work – I can honestly say that I am still working to be a better person, to leave the world in a better state than I was before I existed and to have an overall positive effect…rather than the opposite.

Self care is a fluffy bath mat – The bath mat is still FLUUUUUUUFFFFFFFYYYYYYY!

Part Four tomorrow.

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