Little Blue Dot

If music be the food of love what does that make science the food of?

Fortunately we get to decide this for ourselves. So for me, science is the food of peace of mind – reality comforts me even when it’s painful, lies are worse and science is also the food of exploration – curiosity and education satisfy my brain more than anything else.

In a couple of days I get my fill of peace of mind, exploration AND love because I am lucky enough to be attending the Bluedot festival. Music and science on the weekend that is the 50 year anniversary of the moon landings.

Whilst spending a weekend at a music festival isn’t the cheapest holiday in the world it is more restorative, invigorating, relaxing and satisfying than any cruise/safari/holiday of a lifetime and even though I won’t be doing flowers in my hair (it is a science festival too after all) this is about as close to a hippie vibe as I get.

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  1. Sounds cool. Please report back.

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