A bluer dot

Day Two at BlueDot festival – shorter this time due to low batteries (phone and brain!) I’ll probably elaborate when we get home, things take time to percolate in my brain 🙂

View from the motor home window…is that a radio telescope I can see?!
Oh yes, the mud CAN get worse…
Is time travel possible? Yes, according to Professor Jim Al-Khalili
Not all music needs to be deep and meaningful…sometimes you just wanna shake that ass

I KNEW there’d be astronauts!
Tim O’Brien in conversation with Bob Pritchard…who was in the room (at Jodrell Bank) 50 years ago today
French band, Juniore. They have the coolest hats.

Also on Saturday, Helen Sharman (the first British woman in space). Sarah Crowther ‘Moon, Meteors and More’. Henge (“Thank you Humans for letting us play for you”). 808 State, Jarvis Cocker and Kraftwerk and, oh yeah…50 years to the day since humans walked on their moon for the first time.

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