Pale Blue Dot

It has been pointed out to me that some readers of this blog may not know where the BlueDot festival got its name.

As the Voyager 1 probe was sailing away from Earth and about to leave the solar system the astronomer Carl Sagan requested that it be turned around in order to take a photo of our home. That tiny speck on the picture above is where we, and every human that has EVER lived, live. A few have traveled beyond our atmosphere and even fewer have visited the Moon but for the rest of us this is where our entire lives will play out.

The photo is entitled Pale Blue Dot and so a festival of music and science was named.

BlueDot Day Three:

Chris Lintott – BBC Sky At Night presenter and fab person

Apologies for the blooming awful photo but I didn’t want to take one when he was talking. Above is Chris Lintott who I think is one of the best science communicators around. His enthusiasm is obvious and his humour helps to point out different ways of thinking about things…I love a good perspective shift. Anyway, Chris was talking about Weird Worlds at 11am on Sunday morning and it was well worth getting up for. (He mentioned the temptation to do a talk on how rotten the moon is, for getting in the way of astronomers and their work, I would have gone to that talk too).

There are new ideas floating around my mind because of BlueDot, I love the feeling of potential I get from doing something different, and there will probably be blog posts that result from those thoughts, but for right now I am happy to be home (with a full size shower) and very happy to have spent a weekend with like-minded music/science nerds. It is good to know that there are other people in the world who delight in the rebellion and resistance of She Drew The Gun.

Obvious festival tip: Don’t forget your wellies…even in July.

Less obvious festival tip: a well fitting, comfortable, baseball cap will keep your head mostly dry when it rains (without the need to lug an umbrella everywhere) and it will also shield your eyes from the sun (without having to risk losing your sunglasses in the mud).

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  1. Alopecia Hargreaves says:

    I love your blog BTW. I also saw Chris Lintott’s talk – you are right about him being an excellent communicator, as well as being easy on the eye. I loved his story about waving to Saturn, at the exact moment that the Cassini probe was set to take a photo of Earth. He said that sadly at that time Saturn was below the horizon in the UK, so he stood in his back garden and waved at the ground a few degrees below the horizon. He is an adult and an Oxford University professor. I love he did that. The photo: 1400 images of people waving at Saturn, like insane people

    1. errantmoon says:

      People like Chris Lintott and everyone who waved at Cassini are the only reason I have any hope left for humanity…we need more like him 🙂

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