Illustrated distractions – part 1

While books and documentaries can feed the mind sometimes I just want something lighter and more ridiculous to entertain me. Below are links to cartoons and online graphic novels that all have something I consider special. They are either daft and very funny, or funny and thought provoking. I tend to save them up for a few weeks then binge them. I hope you get some enjoyment from the too.

XKCD – this is a famous one and the very sciencey stuff often flies right over my head, but the social commentary is spot on.

You’re All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack – I first saw these cartoons in New Scientist magazine, but he also writes for many other publications, on many other subjects.

Poorly Drawn Lines – Does what it says on the tin, in a funny way.

Part 2 (online graphic novels) tomorrow

4 thoughts on “Illustrated distractions – part 1

  1. Entertaining! I used to read the “funnies” at my 8 am Wednesday AA meeting after the old-timers circulated the paper.
    I must admit the first one went right over my head and I had to google an explanation!! Haha. Keeping me on my toes.

  2. I love these strange connections. We all live different lives but always seem to share something. Different funnies at different times, but we still need light relief for our brains! (LOVE that you googled an explanation, curiosity is what keeps us going).

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