Illustrated distraction – part 2

Following on from yesterday…(Sometime NSFW!)

Dumbing Of Age – I started on a random page of this and then immediately went back to the start and read them all. I feel like I know these characters and their struggles really well now and I am ridiculously invested in what they get up to. A must for anyone who has ever been grossed out my communal showers.

Questionable Content – Robots and humans? In perfect harmony?! WTF?!!

Recommendations for comics, cartoons and online graphic novels very much welcomed.

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  1. “ridiculously invested” The story of my Internet surfing.

    1. errantmoon says:

      I am either ridiculously invested or completely disinterested. It saves loads time wasting (I’m sure I also miss out on some good stuff too, but it works for me)

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