Lists and lists and…

My friend, Lackadaisicalwhimsy – who blogs here and here, has set herself a challenge of one blog post per day for the whole of August. I LOVE challenges, far more than resolutions (that are often broken the next day) because challenges such as these are personal. You get to measure their success for yourself, without other people’s judgements or criticisms. Only you can decide if they have been achieved and where they will then lead.

Her challenge includes using the number 8, for various reasons, as the basis of her daily posts and whilst discussing this she mentioned not wanting to simply have lists of (8) things. I understand this completely, part of challenging yourself is to avoid the easy stuff that you already know you can do.

But then I started thinking about lists.

I realise I really LIKE lists. Not just the ones I write myself, with the express purpose of crossing things off them, but also the Top 10 lists every other website seems to have. I enjoy them because of where they lead.

I have mentioned before my love of curiosity and curious people (people who are curious, as well as people I am curious about) and, as long as you avoid obvious clickbait trying to sell you stuff, or celebrity gossip (trying to sell you stuff…) then lists of what other people think are the best films, chocolates, ways to beat depression or houseplants to promote well-being, can lead on to discoveries that can actually help or entertain you.

Below are some of the lists I have read and a gratuitous hamster meme:

Any excuse to post a cute hamster picture.

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