Blogging…what is it good for?

I have not been feeling the desperate need to set words to screen recently, but I am not stressing about that as much as I may have done in the past. I think my lack of anxiety comes from the time and thought I have put into why I blog in the first place.

It seems to me, from my limited experience and perspective, that people blog for as many different reasons as there are different people.

I too get the neverending stream of notifications telling me how to drive up traffic and increase my followers and, as with so much in life, I am sceptical. Is your new traffic coming from people interested in what you write, or from those looking for new people to sell stuff to…like some sort of electronic pyramid scheme? Are your new followers sitting beside their devices awaiting your latest missive, or are they passive/aggressively implying that because they now follow you, you are under an obligation to do the same for them?

If that is what’s happening then none of those things are wrong (they are totally wrong, but I am trying to be reasonable)…they are just not why I write.

I write to get the words out of my head and in the beginning that was the only reason. Now I write for the same reason but with an added dash of Desire to Connect (which would totally intrigue me as the name of a new perfume) however, Once Bitten, Twice Shy is something I took to heart early and so I am VERY picky about who I connect with.

I still don’t see why I can’t send everyone a questionnaire and base my friendships on their answers. It would avoid so much drama and lack of stuff in common.

But apparently that is not the done thing so I shall continue to wade through the masses of people I do not want to interact with, seeking those that I do.

This is obviously one of those posts where I just get the words out of my head…but isn’t that what we’re all here doing?

Taking shoe gazing to a whole new level

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