Healthy distractions

Many years ago I was a smoker.  Not a heavy one, I felt sick after about 10 or 15 cigarettes per day, but it was still a very difficult habit to kick and it was ridiculously expensive, even back then, especially at a time when I had very little money. 

I failed to quit many, many, many times before I was successful.

Whilst I no longer crave the nicotine there are still ingrained habits.  I am a pen clicker.  I am a finger snapper.  I rhythmically tap on hard surfaces.  (Yes, I suspect I am incredibly annoying at times). 

What I need is something to occupy my hands.

This is why I knit.  I actually find it quite frustrating to find patterns I want to complete.  I’m not going to start wearing home knitted cardigans (as previously mentioned, here, I am simply not cool enough) and endless squares to make a blanket with is boring.  So when I find a pattern I enjoy I tend to go a little overboard with it.

A few years ago pretty much everyone I know ended up with a knitted Minion, whether they wanted one or not.  Now I am on a Sock Mission.

I found a sock pattern that can be done without double pointed needles (SO annoying and fiddly to me).  I am not happy that they are sticking with this website and book name (ablest and out-dated now?) but I like the idea of a place to find simple instructions on a variety of subjects.

Crumpled Socks…as much as I love them I am NOT going to iron them…

I have to admit that I have a weakness for socks.

A couple of years ago I was gifted a sock advent calendar…25 pairs of lovely, lovely socks to cover my very happy feet.  I think I was almost happier with the calendar socks than any actual present.  There is something truly satisfying to me to be able to pull on a snuggly, warm pair of socks when my feet are chilly (there is an argument that people sleep better in socks) and there is joy in putting on clean dry socks after having wet cold feet.

Just as knitting is more than a simple hobby for me, socks are more than just foot coverings to me.  There is always more to the story if you’re prepared to look for it.

The latest mission.

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  1. Korben Dallas says:

    Thanks Moony. That reminds me of a study done a few years ago (NSFW):

    1. errantmoon says:

      They’re good for more than just keeping your feet warm then…

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