If you’re listening…

I recently enquired of a trusted partner in crime whether or not the NSA would start following my blog if I wrote a post slagging off ‘president’ trump.  The answer I got back was “They already do, and they’d like to see more recipes” so in an attempt to satisfy my audience, no matter how shady and secretive they are, please find below the very simple instructions for the best way to cook cauliflower (in my opinion).

  • Find or buy a cauliflower (DO NOT steal one)
  • Chop or tear it into florets with as much flourish and flouncing as you wish
  • Parboil for 15 minutes (in a saucepan…in water…)
  • Splatter artistically onto a baking tray
  • Drizzle dramatically (from whatever height you are comfortable with) with olive oil
  • Scatter with salt, pepper and A LOT of smoked paprika
  • Roast in a very hot oven until it is almost blackened (this will take longer than you imagine, but it is worth it).

I forgot to photograph my last roasted cauliflower, so here’s a picture and link to Jamie’s instead.

This method of cooking cauliflower works very well for me as a vegetarian because it has a real umami kick from the roasting and the paprika.

Dear NSA, Thank you for following me. I hope you enjoy the recipe. Can you please do something about the state of your government? Yours hopefully, Errant Moon

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  1. Simon Keyboard says:

    Thank you for feeding the hungry workers of the NSA. This sounds like a delicious side dish. What would you serve it with though. Please say cheese. I like cheese. In fact could you put cheese on this?

    1. errantmoon says:

      You’re welcome NSA, I think cheese would be the perfect accompaniment…cheese + cauliflower…match made in heaven?

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