Terrible, lovely photos, for which I apologise…

These photos really are bad.  The lighting is bad.  The angles are bad.  The quality is bad. 

But they are meaningful to me and, of the thousand words that a picture can convey, most of them evoke feelings I cherish.

Starting with the worst:

This was taken at twilight, with an iPhone, through a window, in the rain, at an uncomfortable angle.  But it is a picture that reminds me just how much water there must be on the Earth.  If one rain storm can overload a drainage system so quickly that fountains appear in the middle of the road, then surely the Earth should really be categorised as a water world, not a rocky planet.

I adore ‘bad’ weather, I would take torrential rain over a sunny day every time and this photo reminds me that sometimes I get what I wish for.


A colourful visitor, badly snapped for fear of missing it.  A gentle and gratifying confirmation that my small, easy to maintain, garden is a welcoming environment for living creatures.  I have started a collection of insect and bee hotels, which I would happily have at full capacity…bring on the butterflies!


This was taken through the eye piece of my small-ish telescope, with an iPhone.  I DID NOT KNOW THEY COULD DO THAT!!!  This was shot after watching the BBC’s Sky At Night and feeling more than a little envy for the folks who have invested in larger, better telescopes than mine, with computer aided guidance and twiddly bits that enable you to attached cameras.  This was also the evening that I first saw, with my own eyes (through the telescope of course), the rings of Saturn.

That awe is going to stay with me a while I think.

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  1. Pseudonymous Sue says:

    Thanks, these are lovely and meaningful and I enjoyed them a lot. But where are the photos of you doing duck-face in a bathroom mirror? Who is The Errant Moon?

    1. errantmoon says:

      My duck-face will remain, unrecorded, in the bathroom mirror. Besides, it’s the ‘raised eyebrow, about to go on the war-path’ face people need to watch out for. Errant Moon is an enigma, wrapped in a mystery, sealed with an unpronouncable curse.

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