Overly Ambitious

I recently had to write a paragraph about myself, for a Who’s Who type thing at work. I ended it with the line ‘she also enjoys getting lost in a good book and taking on overly ambitious DIY projects’.

I think ‘enjoy’ may have been too strong a word.

My DIY adventures began years ago, out of necessity due to no money or connections to people who actually knew how to do those things, but even with the hammered thumbs and mild electrocution it was a learning experience I wouldn’t go back and change.

As I got older and slightly wiser I started looking at projects less from ‘how can I get this done as cheaply as possible’ and more like ‘how can I get this done well, cheaply and without injuring myself’.  I purchased power tools, which are now amongst my most favourite and most terrifying possessions, and I started planning for things to take twice as long as I thought they might.

This hole in the wall used to be a cupboard housing a water tank, which was removed when we changed the boiler to a combi, leaving a fairly useless cupboard, right in the corner of the living room.  I decided to make it into an alcove, to match the one on the other side of the fireplace. 

This was the first time I had knocked down anything even remotely like a wall and it was FUUUUUNNN.  Fortunately my fear of collapsing my home stops me from knocking down more walls.

I needed some sort of sound-proofing along this next wall, as a set of stairs run along the other side of it, and in my research found that creating an air gap works as well as the cheaper forms of sound-proofing and costs significantly less than the sound-proofing ‘systems’ you can buy.

I didn’t want to just build another wall in front of the existing one so I bought an IKEA unit, backed it with MDF, and built the wall around it, thus creating storage space as well as an air gap from the stairs wall.

The important bit, it works!  The sounds have been dramatically reduced and I now have ‘can build a wall’ as well as ‘can knock down a wall’ on my resume.

The prompt for this post is the fact that this afternoon I am about to begin tearing up laminate flooring that took me three days to put down, about 14 years ago. 

Wish me luck please…

Update: I have decided to NOT tear up the laminate flooring, instead I will lay the new carpet on top. Yes, lazy, but also better insulation on top of a concrete floor. This does mean I have to buy and install a new interior door however…sigh.

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