The perils of being an animal lover

A pigeon hit my living room window a short while ago so I went outside to look for a body but there wasn’t one. Then I saw a stunned pigeon hiding out underneath my fuchsia bushes. It is breathing alright, its wings are not bent at weird angles and its eyes are blinking (from what I can see, it is pretty well hidden).

So now I am sitting in the blazing sunshine on my porch to stop the stupid thing from getting eaten by a neighbourhood cat.

Pigeons are daft, it is the circle of life an’all that, but I really dislike cats.

How long do I have to sit here?!

How long do bird brains stay stunned for?!

Am I really prepared to be burnt to a crisp by the deathly sunshine for a stupid pigeon?!

Sigh…Yes I am.

It was worth it…

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