Why other animals are better than humans.

Warning: This might become a long running series, although I might get stuck finding a way that wasps are better than humans, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Explanation: The title of this post is a little wordier than it needs to be. I could have just written ‘Why animals are better than people’ but we ARE animals and I feel that needed referencing…it gets ignored too often.

Episode One: Why Dogs are better than People.

This week, having gone back to work after my near death experience, I should have been in a meeting. This meeting makes sure everyone involved knows what the others are up to, ensuring we are all working in the same direction, that we are not duplicating each other and that we can co-ordinate when possible.

I was not at that meeting.

The person who was tasked with arranging it did not invite me. Not because I am mean and sit at the back of the room making nasty comments all the time (I do not). Not because I had accidentally replaced all of the decaf coffee for full strength in their office (I did not) and not because I didn’t need to be there (I did).

I was not invited because I do not constantly work in their office. I was over looked. I was forgotten.

This is not the end of the world.

This is not the worst thing that could possibly happen.

This is just very, very, very annoying. My name is on all of the emails talking about this meeting. My name is on every team list. I contribute to every other meeting I am involved in.

I will get over it…one day.

Until then I take comfort in the fact that there are dogs in the world. A dog would not have forgotten me. A dog would have made sure EVERY person who could possibly need to attend that meeting would have been invited. A dog would have rounded everyone up, assigned them seats and made them comfortable before the meeting started.

NO-ONE would have been left out of that meeting by a dog.

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  1. Doug Butts says:

    Love this. Sorry your colleagues are thoughtless. Dogs as meeting coordinators. Imagine how good the snacks would be, if you could get any.

    Dog: I don’t get it

    Human: What don’t you get?

    Dog: Just go over it again

    Human: This is MY food and that is YOUR food

    Dog: *tilts head* Huh?

    1. errantmoon says:

      Now I REALLY want my next meeting to be just me and a room full of dogs. We’d probably get more done too 🙂

  2. Depends. A German Shepherd, or another herding breed, would never start without everyone present. A Basset Hound? You’d be on your own.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Perhaps, but how could you get angry looking at a face like that?

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