Lifelong learning

I have started keeping notes of new stuff I learn. Not the stuff I specifically research for work or just to satisfy my curiosity, but the new information that comes to me unbidden, the fact gems that are discovered randomly and without much effort.

Last weeks diamonds were:

  • The origin of the name Kellogg is Killer of Hogs.
  • It is perfectly possible for people to still be instantly familiar even after 30 years.
  • Igneous rock (solidified magma) gets it’s name from the latin word ignis, meaning fire.
  • Buying cheap wallpaper is a false economy.
  • My new favourite Happy Place is a work meeting run by a room full of dogs.
Friday Is “Take Your Dog to Work Day”
My sort of meeting

Not only have I managed to get a blog post out of this new activity but I think it is setting my brain off in new directions. I am actively seeking things I can add to this list, instead of settling for the same old, same old.

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  1. Doug Butts says:

    Excellent idea to keep a list. I hear all sorts of facts I find fascinating and then immediately forget them. Last week I was reading about unusual cross-breeds of animals. A zebra and a horse make a Zorse. A grizzly bear and polar bear make a Pizzley (which is funny name for what must be a fearsome beast). A male tiger and female lion make a Tigon. A female tiger and male lion make a Liger. In 2012 in Russia a male lion mated with a female liger to produce a Liliger. From all this I learned mainly that people really like to mess about.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Is it weird that I now want to own one of each of those animals?

  2. Doug Butts says:

    If you like to relax with Netflix and a Pizzley curled up on your lap, then I hope you enjoy it. Please don’t feel the need to invite me 😉

  3. I think your dog meeting post put dogs on my mind & inspired the dog analogy in today’s post. Wheels within wheels.

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