Radio silence over

As I have previously mentioned, I do enjoy an overly ambitious DIY project every now and again. This time I managed to include some artistic gubbins too.

I have never really attempted anything this big before and I under-estimated how long it would take (it turns out happy little trees take FAR longer to create than huge mountains…) but I was inspired and motivated by this YouTube video I stumbled across. I don’t have the energy of this person, but I can probably match her enthusiasm (with slightly fewer high kicks and spins…it’s my age y’know).

The starting point
Halfway through!
Finally finished!

I might decide to add more trees at some point…when I have recovered.

(I am on a frugal/minimalist kick right now, so the emulsions I used were all ones I already had (1 tub of black, 1/2 tub of grey and 1 tub of white) and I mixed the shades myself. I enjoyed that bit as much as anything else).

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  1. Wow. I like how it adds to the room but doesn’t dominate. Great choice of colors. Serene.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Thank you! I REALLY enjoyed doing it, so much so that I’m eyeing up all the other walls in my home…

  2. Oh that is gorgeous. So relaxing. Happy Little Trees! 🙂

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