The last three things

I’m starting this post with a pretty smug attitude, my minimalist attempts seem to be working. The last four things posts (here and here) were quite a while ago but I really had to search to find anything (other than groceries or books) that I had bought in the meantime…Go Frugal Team Me!

This first purchase was one I probably won’t be repeating. I bought this hand cream because I had received one as a gift before, so I know it works. That cannot really justify a £15 price tag, particularly when I know that (with a little research) there’s a good chance I could find one just as good for half the price (at least). So for now I shall enjoy the experince and savour it while it lasts.

This next purchase was an utter bargain. So much of a bargain I actually felt slightly guilty about it. I needed a smaller sofa bed, to replace a daybed that took up too much of what was about to become my spare room/office, so I searched on eBay. (The old daybed was donated to an Age UK furniture shop. I didn’t have to cart it about and it did some good for charity, win/win). The bed chair I found was originally from IKEA, where new it is around £160. As I was the only bidder I got mine for £12 (hence the guilt). I think it’s a risk you take with something large, that has to be collected by the successful bidder, whether someone local is looking for what you’re selling, when you’re selling it. There is also the possibility of using a reserve price, so the guilt isn’t eating me up too much. Now I have a comfy seat, a comfy bed for guests and significantly increased space in the room…win/win/win.

Finally – saving the very best for last – is my new housemate, William the Cronquerer (or Bill Crow for short). The first time I saw life-sized model versions of crows was at the small museum in Crawley. For some reason they had them dotted aorund all over the place. Unfortunately my sense of right and wrong would not let me steal one of them, no matter how much I wanted to, so when I spotted Bill Crow in my local Wilco’s, as part of their Halloween offerings, I pounced on him. I practically threw the £4 at the cashier and clutched him to my bosom all the way back to the car. (I have coloured in the stupid red eyes they gave him with my remaining Blackest Black paint and we’re both much happier now).

Wilco’s Wonderland

Corvids are by far my favourite birds, they are intelligent and fascinating to watch. I really did consider going back to buy another one, so that I could have two like Odin (‘Thought’ and ‘Memory’) but I didn’t want to rename Bill and I’m pretty sure even one life-sized bird in my home is going to freak my guests out…two might just finish them off.

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