The point is?

I have been going through a period of pondering whether my shouting into the void (blogging) is actually contributing anything postive or meaningful, to the world or just my life, or whether I am simply adding to the noise.

I’m not sure that now, with these thoughts in my mind, I should be sending out serious and deep messages about the state of the world and my lowly opinion on them.

So here are some pretty pictures instead.

Iceland – Route 1 towards Skaftafell
Just because sometimes Keanu is the only one talking sense

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  1. Pacquino says:

    if I wasnt reading this I would be reading angry twitter from bothered old man. this is better and more positive (●’◡’●)

    1. errantmoon says:

      LOL! Saving you from bothered old men is definitely worth it…thank you! 🤣

  2. So, amusing us isn’t a good reason?

    1. errantmoon says:

      It is absolutely a good reason! I seem to be having some sort of existential writing crisis, which is interesting to me but would be supremely boring for everyone else. Don’t worry, I’ll Be Back…..Ooooooo, a post about the new Terminator film?
      Thanks for the prod to get back on the horse 🤣 (Sorry, sometimes even I shake my head at my terrible sense of humour)

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