A rant about a film

I’m Back…

First disclosure – I LOVE the first two Terminator films and I really wanted to enjoy the following three, but they were bad. In fact, as a message to everyone who has ever made a Terminator film – STOP NOW. You are just about ahead at this point….STOP NOW.

Yes, that bit of the rant means that I also LOVE the latest Terminaror film – Dark Fate.

I made the mistake of reading some online reviews before I saw it, although my enjoyment of the first two films helped me get over my misgivings. The ‘rant’ part of this is not about the film itself, it’s about the man-babies who wrote those reviews.

Get over yourselves.

Those reviews were written by people who didn’t realise one important thing – the Terminator films are not about the Terminator, they are about Sarah Connor. Those precious little review writing snowflakes were so horny for the explosions and weapons that they forgot who was handling them, surviving them and using them to win a war.

Darlings – your tears of frustration are plain to see, but if you really believe that all women turn into damsels in distress in every survival situation then you really haven’t been paying attention to world history and if you insist on using language like ‘gender politics’, ‘political correctness’ and ‘man-hating’ then all you’re doing is advertising your ignorance.

Terminator – Dark Fate is a excellent film that helps to conclude Sarah’s journey (and I hope they end it here, please don’t ruin this). I thoroughly recommend it.

(With thanks to Virtual Brush Box for the prod to write this!)

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  1. Two posts. Does that mean the existential writing crisis is over?

    Gaa. Just read, i.e. skimmed quickly thru, the chapter on #GamerGate in *You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)* by Felicia Day. What is with the man-babies?

    1. errantmoon says:

      I think they are terrified that someone, Black, gay or a woman, is going to come along and steal their unearned privilege, so they shout as loud as they can and throw their toys from the pram, hoping we don’t see their fear.
      (Not sure the crisis is over but there’s only one way to get through it…😁)

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