It’s not the same

Today I am linking to a short piece written by someone else.

A lot of you may already know Dave Pell as the author of Nextdraft, a daily newsletter and source of amusing, thoughtful and sometimes dreadful links.

Dave has written an article on Medium, very personal and very pointed, and has asked for it to be shared. Normally I wouldn’t, as a private person myself I don’t find it necessary to share everything and also not necessary to share for others, but this is different.

“Having lost his whole family in the Holocaust, my dad hid behind bales of hay as soldiers searched the barn where he hid; then escaped into the Polish forest and spent years fighting the Nazis. My mom escaped from Germany after her mother had to make a Sophie’s Choice to determine which two of her three daughters most closely matched the false passports that provided a one way ticket to freedom. My only pressure in life is to live up to my parents’ ideals and to speak up when I hear the powerful describe a fellow Jew as human scum.

This article defines why my insulting trump by not capitalising his initial is NOT the same as the inflammatory, offensive language he uses. We are NOT both being mean and insulting. When you are in a position of authority or high visibility using historically evil phrases like ‘human scum‘ lets your rabid, toxic, man-baby supporters know that the harm they wish to cause is acceptable…it is not.

This is the article, explaining why Dave stands arm in arm with the people who do not believe history should repeat itself and I will stand with him.

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