My usual plea

To all of my fellow Brits, please vote tomorrow.

  • Vote because people fought for you to have the right to do it.
  • Vote because every vote is a poke in the eye of apathy.
  • Vote because it’s a cool thing to do.
  • Vote because people died for you to have the right to do it.
  • Vote because it is your duty as a citizen who benefits from our scociety.
  • Vote because walking to the polling station is free exercise.
  • Vote because it is an anonymous, safe, way to stand up and be counted.
  • Vote because moaning about the system without doing anything about it is pointless.
  • Vote because you can, you have the right, you are allowed.
  • Vote because whatever the outcome you will know you did something.

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  1. Doug Butts says:

    Thank you for this. Voting is a right and a duty. Personally I am quite libertarian when it comes to the government telling us what to do in our lives but I agree with compulsory voting, making it illegal not to vote. 22 countries have it at the moment but not the UK. I think alongside compulsory voting you do also have to have “none of the above” as an option on the ballot paper, or even more options than that: “I hate all of these liars”, “I disagree with the system so totally I cannot support any of these people”, “I don’t know enough about it to make a decision”, etc. My vote won’t make a difference. My choice to recycle won’t make a difference. Getting myself immunised from measles won’t make a difference. There are a thousand little things we should all do that are annoying or time consuming and do not benefit us as individuals but make society better. It is obviously and logically better for me if I leave my empty shopping cart in the middle of the parking space next to my car when I have finished shopping and just drive away. That said when I do something for the benefit of society that does not benefit me I feel a little bit better about myself. I say “Doug, you’re my kind of guy, sleep well tonight unsung hero”.

    1. errantmoon says:

      An unsung hero indeed…something we can ALL aspire to.
      There were adverts, years ago, about two blokes in a pub. One said that he wouldn’t talk about anything political unless his friend had voted, which shut down ALL of their conversation because EVERYTHING is political. Voting is the least we can do.

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