It doesn’t work but I don’t care

(I am starting with a disclaimer on this one…it is my 5th ‘non-thinky’ post in a row but I have not lost my frustration, fury or angst, I am merely turning my back on them for a while. It isn’t a Christmas thing, it’s a ‘I’m tired of those people doing those things’ thing).

The title of this post refers to my Xmas Day dinner.

Sprout pizza.

Yes. Sprout pizza.

As everyone knows pizza is the food of the gods and sprouts are also pretty high up there on the list of foods that should be worshipped, so of course they go together…right?


The pizza was homemade sourdough for the base and homemade pesto for the sauce and, boy oh boy, that was amazing. The sprouts were parboiled, sautéd then baked on top of their pizza goodness beds…that was not amazing. That was sprouty goodness detracting from pizzay goodness, leaving both somehow reduced.

I will learn from this…sigh, heartbroken and slightly defeated, but fortunately it has not stopped me from loving either pizzas or sprouts.

If you grew up actually using the brain in your head then you learned quickly that the world is an unfair and harsh place (sometimes). It just took me a lot longer to learn that just because you love two different things they won’t necessarily go together.

I am taking a moment to mourn the loss of my theoretical Sprout Pizza business empire (‘The Errant Sprout’?)

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  1. Thank you on behalf of the human race for flying so close to the sun. Who knew delicious+delicious does not always result in increased deliciousness?
    Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches were a wonderful discovery for me, adding a dash of very hot chilli to coffee was not so great.
    A bowl of pan fried sprouts chopped in half with garlic, bacon bits and chestnuts is a thing of beauty. Please continue to push the envelope, for science!

    1. errantmoon says:

      Yes. I accept the challenge and the responsibility.
      I am hampered by the bonds of vegetarianism (so your meaty revelations will have to be discovered elsewhere) but I shall endeavour onwards, through the gastronomic wildernesses, to find the recipes that will makes others wrinkle their faces in disgust.

      1. I’m fairly certain that pickled gherkins are due to be combined with something most would shun, I’m just not sure what

        1. errantmoon says:

          Oooooooh, I have an idea about that one. Once the ‘festivities’ (bleugh) are over the experiment will be run….(Mwahahaha #rubs hands together like a culinary super villain)

  2. Pizza & sprouts. When you like two people, but they don’t like each other.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Yes, absolutely! Sigh…such a shame…it should have been glorious…

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