Doodles and Delights

Blah, blah, blah…I am so sick of hearing myself moan (although I do have a good excuse, the world is going to hell after all) so these are posts about good stuff. These are things that lift the spirit instead of crushing it.

Doodles – some time ago I went through a phase of requesting a title or phrase from my long suffering partner in crime, which I would then doodle (if it were doodleable). Below are some of the results, with explanations (because some of them really need one…)

This isn’t an obscure one…Storm in a Teacup, obvs
The title was Vegetarian BBQ – which I took a little too literally perhaps.
What is a squib anyway?

Delights – this part of the post comes from art that I cannot get out of my head. Unfortunately my tastes don’t seem to run along the same lines as what is currently popular so I have not been able to find prints of most of these. This leaves me with two options – either I simply continue to enjoy the images as screenshots from documentaries or I become so obscenely rich that I can afford to buy the originals…decisions, decisions…

Northern Lights by Peder Balke
My taste does tend towards ‘darker’ images but I also love the sense of scale in this one.
This is the film, Dr Strangelove, in it’s entirety by Jason Shulman.
I may be projecting my desire for this to work onto the images, but I honesty think you can get a sense of each of these films from their solitary photo.
Who doesn’t love a good abstract mountain peak?!
Chih-Hung Kuo

Part two tomorrow…because art never ends.

9 Comments Add yours

    1. errantmoon says:

      Oooooh, thank you! (Love the Berlin ones from 2017!)

  1. Id never heard of Shulman and love the concept of his work,now wondering what other films would look like, and how he makes his film selections. Keep doodling too, you have a knack for it!

    1. errantmoon says:

      Thank you 😌
      I really like his image of the film Dumbo, it has a softness that reminds me of innocence – like Dumbo himself. Shulman talks about leaving the camera exposure open for a whole film as if it should have been obvious to everyone, but I think it was a moment of genius, and I like finding those. I am glad to have been able to point you in his direction.

      1. I’d love to know what the selection process is. Is it trying to think of films with visually beautiful colours, or just films that are personal favourites to him and hold meaning. A few Kubrick films in there, all quite long, but all have beautiful visuals and strong colours. Fun side fact (as per usual, it’s not fun at all), for my final written piece in uni many moons ago I wrote a 15 thousand word waffle about Kubrick and if auteur theory can ever apply in a collaborative form. Obviously this came in very useful in real life haha

        1. errantmoon says:

          Well, life ain’t done yet, your waffle on Kubrick could be the very knowledge that changes everything one day 😏
          I think his process would work best with directors who have their own….hmmm…palate (?). I bet you could spot a Wes Anderson film from one of Shulman’s photos.

      2. I live in the north east of England, and the seagulls that hang about outside of the city dance, but the ones in the city have tattoos and take wallets

        1. errantmoon says:

          I’ve changed my mind…I’ll stick with the poopy chip nickers I think 😆

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