Quiet passions

There is a young man, somewhere in the south of England, named Colin. Colin is a goth. Colin dresses as if, any moment, he is going to go all emo all over the place. Colin is NOT a teenager, he is an adult, working in an adult environment, doing important grown up stuff.

This post is NOT taking the piss out of Colin.

This post is because I am a little jealous of Colin. Jealous of Colin and people like him. Not necessarily goths or emos but people who care deeply about their hobbies, principals, beliefs, sports, art…passions.

I am also not talking about the ones who preach, who rant and scream at the telly when their favourite team is losing, or those who snottily decide that anything other than their version of the topic is unworthy. I am talking about the quiet ones, the ones who simply get on with enjoying their delights, the ones who can easily lose hours, energy and money into activities that give them peace of mind and happiness.

All of this is to explain that this next bit was born of envy, not scorn.

Although I have never met Colin he works with someone I have. That someone shares my oftimes ridiculous sense of humour and whimsy and so should bear some of the blame for encouraging me.

What happened is hard to explain because it is one of those ‘in-jokes’ that you really had to be there for…anyway…during a discussion in which Colin was mentioned it was posited that he might be a Satanist. Now, in the interests of fairness and honesty, I don’t know if Colin actually is a Satanist or not, but it became a ‘thing’. At some slightly later point the conversation turned to my eternal boredom and lack of creative stuff to do (imagine that bit as emoted by a huffy teenager with sagging shoulders and you’ll get the gist of it). It was suggested, by whom I will not say, that I knit a Satanist.

I realise that most people will never have considered knitting a Satanist, but that’s just the way I roll.

As I have previously mentioned I am not a religious person, but there was a church-going element to my childhood so I am fairly confident that knitting a Satanist is not blasphemous. Basing it upon a pattern for a monk may be.

This is COLIN the Satanist (loudly naming him to differentiate from Actual Colin).

COLIN the Satanist

As a non-religious person I actually quite like Satanists, woe betide anyone inflicting prayers at the start of offical meetings, for you will one day have to give the Satanists a go…fair’s fair after all. I don’t think this will ruffle too many UK feathers but I wonder at how controversial this post will be with other readers.

Anyway, this isn’t about Satanists, blokes named Colin (or even COLIN) or knitting, it is about the lengths I will go to to find that sense of flow, those moments when you are completely lost in what you’re doing. Those things I am jealous of with the people who delight in their quiet passions.

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