I have in mind a new creative project, or ‘Arty-Fart’ as it is known in my house, but I thought I’d do a quick doodle (VERY quick) on the same subject first. As I was getting absorbed into this I began to channel my inner pre-teen equestrian fanatic. I have never been a horsey person, I had a couple of lessons about a million years ago – they are a dim and distant memory now – but as I drew this doodle I felt more and more convinced that the world would be a much better place if my best friend had four legs and a mane I could plait bows into.

By the time I had finished my best friends name was Lord Chummingly Mountjoy (the third) and on school days he roamed a verdant pasture but at weekends we strode out into the world to solve crime, right wrongs and generally be regal as we high-stepped past the commoners. (He grudgingly tolerated the pink mane ribbons and secretly thought they made him look more handsome).

These thoughts worried me a bit because I am a Stoic (goddamnit!), a cynic (goddamnit!) and a sceptic (goddamnit!) so I decided to give the doodle a title more fitting to my usual quirks.

This doodle is (now) entitled: Rude to talk with your mouth full? My mouth isn’t full.

With kind permission from K and Rodney
(REAL title: Lovely Lord Chummingly Mountjoy Munching Merrily)

This next arty-fart is slightly weirder (is that possible?!) and it is one of those images that popped into my head and demanded to be drawn. I have started calling it Mountain Pose in my mind, but I worry about what it’s true title really is.

It is the tale of two sisters on a mountain. Two sisters that you do NOT want to get on the wrong side of (especially the older one, reading a book, swinging her legs off the edge). I also worry what will befall the world as the younger sister loses hold of her balloon.

I am not saying they are evil as such…but I’m pretty sure they’re more than they seem…

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  1. Doug Butts says:

    Very nice. I like both but the sisters one is especially good. I can see that they are probably evil. Anyone who could sit swinging their legs off a cliff like that could happily run you over with their car and just turn on the windscreen wipers. Horses are giant creatures packed with muscles and bone that could easily kill us all if they decided to. Clearly many people have a loving bond with their horse and trust them to be friendly but what if they are having a bad day? This is nothing to do with the time I was four and was placed on a horse just as the horse next to mine got angry and started kicking and charging off and I wet myself. Totally unrelated. Your horse has nice eyes though, so would probably spare me in the coming horse war.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Thank you, your kind words are much appreciated. As for the coming horse wars…there are places horses won’t fit into, maybe you could hide in one of those and gesture wildly?

  2. Doug Butts says:

    Good thinking. I may invest in making my front door half the normal width. Also, I was thinking some sort of drone that can dispense sugar lumps, to lead horses away from me.

    1. errantmoon says:

      I think the sugar lumps thing may work but….they have small horses y’know…

  3. Name noted for future post.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Oh I’ve got LOADS where that came from 🙂

  4. OMG we are so similar and I love it. And you are hilarious and a joy to read!! I am obsessed with the title “don’t chew with food you your mouth full. my mouth is not FULL” lmao makes me think of my girls and their quickness that I used to take offense to because I was taught not to let them back talk and now I appreciate the brains behind their arguments and encourage respectful debate when appropriate. And I never have ridden a horse and hate the smell of a barn but I dreamed while reading a series I think called Thoroughbred in my preteens of having a horse and how it would make life all better because people suck and animals are sweet. Then I lived next to a horse in adulthood and it was nice enough but they’re huge and a bit scary with those big ol’ teeth so my determined preteen decision that when I was an adult I’d get one and my kids would grow up with horses bc darn my parents for not! will not be fulfilled in this lifetime!!

    The sisters and the diabolical pretense you offer also brings the girls to mind especially with the balloon as Hope would be atop with it keeping her busy and Riley below in all her feels of teenage angst pushing the limits dangling her legs as usual 😉

    So its all about me!! Bahahaha no love your humor and words and your voice in your writing always makes me happy. A cynical, sceptic Stoic? you?! If by that you mean an incredibly intelligent strong inquisitive realist who knows herself and won’t cosign your bullshit then we can agree!! I mean people who don’t question what they don’t know for sure and go along with whatever they hear end up believing that we’re in the 20th century and arguing it on the radio bahaha refusing to even google it. I want to believe people are good and altruism exists and for a self proclaimed cynic funnily enough you have shown me it is possible just rare. And now I’m going to listen to a book on stoicism because I remember way back when you telling me about it and I started to look into it and now I want to know more! Might help me get through all this feeling crap that is giving the narcissistic personalities I’m dealing with get their fix of self importance and breaking me!

    I type blog posts for comments cause yeah … Can’t stop the feelin’ so I just ramble, ramble, ramble yeah!

    Catch ya on the Teacups!!

    1. errantmoon says:

      YES! Another person in the world who knows the heartbreak of keeping small girls apart from their imaginary horses! (Who then arrives slowly at the adult reality that horses are scarily beautiful and must be respected if you don’t want bruises 😁).
      I must admit that the girls did come to mind after I had done the second pic, but more about how potential is invisible and most people dismiss it in children, small girls in particular.
      I don’t think Stoicism works for everyone, but when it does it is a huge comfort. Reading about all philosophies (after reading about psychology didn’t give me any answers) was how I found Stoicism, but reading about Stoicism might be how you find the one that works for you…or you’ll become a Stoic and the world will be a slightly less stressful place for you. The thing about all those wise people from years ago is that they want us to learn from them, that’s why they wrote it down 🙂

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