Music IS the food of love and the slayer of boredom and the soother of souls and the…

Music is incredibly important to me, in fact, I cannot have it playing whilst I work because no work will get done…the music is everything. There are different levels, of course, some music is made to be in the background, but for the most part if I have music playing I will listen to it and not do much more than that.

I have not, however, written a lot about music because I am utterly convinced that it is one of the most subjective and personal things around. So with that in mind, every word after this point relates to MY opinion only – and I am not trying to force it upon you, just tell you what it is.

But…I was named for a song and music is part of my being. I did not grow up in a household full of music, but if life had taken slightly different twists and turns I would have and although I cannot hold a note (my singing scares small children and animals) or play an instrument my feet still tap, my hips still sway and my mind still relishes every beat and rhythm.

As with much of life, the very simple way of dividing music up ends up with two categories – Good and Bad. This does not make it any easier to figure out what goes where though…it is still personal. Songs that grate on my nerves and make me want to stick my fingers in my ears have been so beloved by others that they have made millions for their singers and songwriters (and record companies). On the other side of that coin are tracks that I would place firmly in the Good column but that other people groan and roll their eyes at.

None of these are bad things.

With so much music available it is wonderful that we can all find different genres and styles to our liking, even though it sometimes means we discover things about people we did not suspect, is it one of YOUR loved ones buying all those Ed Sheeran albums? (Sorry, that was mean – I wouldn’t know an Ed Sheeran track if I tripped over it).

Apparently this is Ed Sheeran…who knew?

Whilst I love the fact that we can all find something to move us musically, out there in the big wide world, what I don’t love is music snobbery. (Again – I apologise for the Ed Sheeran dig). I have admitted before that I am a snob, I like what I like and it probably won’t be the cheapest version of that thing, but I am not a snob about music. Whilst I will stick my fingers in my ears and run away (not very gracefully) from songs I dislike, I would never stop others from either making that music or listening to it.

Music has the power to remove you from your troubles. Music can give your mind a break from whatever is happening around you or it can become the soundtrack to experiences you never thought you’d have. Music can comfort, distract, enhance, enthrall, delight, move and motivate…who am I to tell anyone that their choices for brain tingles are bad? They’re not bad, they just might not what I would choose.

And my tastes? Well, now you’re asking…my iPod currently contains music spanning from 18th century classical up to 50’s crooners, 60’s R&B and Motown, 70’s disco and punk, 80’s pop and hip-hop, 90’s ‘Oh My God, I can’t believe my kid is making me listen to this AGAIN’ and Brit-pop, 00’s indie, 10’s singer/songwriter and World music with a couple of new albums from this year…and it’s not full yet!

Music of Memes - through the years on Spotify

This was just an ‘opener’ for music posts, I suspect I will get more specific and name artists in future ones on the subject…and I’m always on the look-out for recommendations…new music is like Christmas to me.

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  1. Totally agree Errant Moon, music has the power to take you away from everything, can’t imagine life without it, so much so I am currently taking, guitar, drum and vocal lessons, just love music! Hope you’re well 😊

    1. errantmoon says:

      I am well, thank you! I hope you are chugging along nicely too 🙂
      Guitar, drum and vocal lessons?!! Wow, that’s impressive (and inspiring) My brain doesn’t work musically, I don’t hear well enough to understand the finer operations but I don’t care…that just means I can let it wash over me and carry me away 🙂
      How is Uni treating you?

      1. I’m not good at it, apparently I sing in the key of door 😂but I love it. Uni is just full on busy but so much fun, just don’t have time to blog, which I really miss. Will have to make time.

        1. errantmoon says:

          Yes! I am travelling Europe vicariously through your blog, going to uni and learning instruments too would be fab 🙂

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