Voyages into discovery

In the dim and distant past (12th Jan 2019) I wrote about mad scientists working for Dangerous Megalomaniacs in order to pay for their experiments (here). While I disagree with mad scientists disregarding the beautiful, logical, effective scientific methods and protocols, I do feel the same urge to experiment upon myself sometimes.

I also get a great deal of satisfaction in supporting charities.

So in an effort to combine both of those things I have decided on a new mission. Whenever I am in a charity shop, as well as scanning the book shelves, I will wander over to the CDs, close my eyes and pick up the first one my hand reaches. The only vetos I am allowed are albums of Christmas music (unless it’s December), albums I already own and Christian rock.

Obviously I wouldn’t be blogging about this unless I had already done it.

Turns out I am not the biggest fan of French electronic jazz from the 2010’s. After In Paris – Time Cycle will be donated back to a charity shop but, surprisingly, I did listen to the whole thing. It is not the most offensive thing I’ve ever heard and I’m pretty sure that actual jazz fans would enjoy it.

In conclusion – I spent 60p in order to rediscover how little I enjoy jazz and a small charity got a a small boost in their takings that day.

I will do this again though, I have a few albums of French music in rotation, it was only the jazziness of this one that stopped it from being added to that list…50/50 success I think.

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  1. Don’t change the goalposts on yourself. The idea was to try a new, random cd. You did. No one said you had to love it. 100% success.

    1. errantmoon says:

      True, very true 😁

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