Tweaked perspective

Bath salts and body lotion have gained something of a bad reputation as things you buy people, usually women, when you can’t think of anything to give.


When your hands are dry and sore because of constant washing after venturing even a little outside your house then hand creams become thoughtful, kind and much appreciated out of the blue gifts.

Treasures guarded by Bill Crow

And when self-care becomes an imperative, rather than an after-thought, then bath bubbles for Mother’s Day are signs of love and consideration – especially when you are then told not to see each other for 3 weeks.

Ohhhh the bubbles I am going to create…

ANYTHING is a thoughtful gift or action if you think about the person receiving them, rather than how you look for giving them.

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  1. Baths! Ick. Baths with goop in them?! So much ick. Replaced baths with showers at the age of 14 and never looked back. In a tub, I feel like a stew beast marinating in my own broth. But, you were attempting to be nice. Please continue.

    1. errantmoon says:

      I shall, thank you 😁
      I used to be able to lie in a bath for many hours reading book after book, loved it. Now I need glasses for reading and as we all know glasses can steam up. I forget this EVERY SINGLE TIME. So now I shall lie in the bath and watch a telly programme on the iPad, propped up on the loo seat, surrounded by bubbles. Fortunately I am far-sighted so I won’t need my glasses for that.

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