How the mind wanders

Having been inspired by todays post on Virtual Brush Box (here) I decided to spend some of my suddenly free time doing some arty-fart – specifically doodling a postcard to send to someone I would normally have seen at least three or four times in the past two weeks but because of the lockdown I have only been able to text and call.

The card I sent said “Greetings from my road!” then I doodled my front garden. I’m not sure what the postie will make of it – one of the downsides to postcards always was that they were not in the slightest bit private – but hopefully they will see that I appreciate them still working and delivering more than just postcards while we are all housebound.

The title of this post came from my search for the blank postcards I knew I’d got. The problem actually was that I knew I had had them…but then I went all minimalist, like so many other people, and I worried that I’d disposed of them in one of my fits of decluttering.

Fortunately I had not…

When that concern had been resolved my mind started to wonder about how many people are sitting in their homes, kicking themselves for throwing away those half finished colouring books. Are the spice cupboards bare for people desperate to learn how to make curry from scratch? Are there innumerable masses of bored people, trawling through drawers and boxes, hoping against hope that they didn’t give away those paint by numbers kits they never thought they’d want to do?

Depending upon how financially stricken people are at the end of all this, I suspect there may be quite a bit of retail therapy going on when all the shops reopen.

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  1. Then, there is the mantra for those of us who have not decluttered. I know it’s here somewhere. Is it under this pile? Is it in that box? Is it in this drawer … that’s wedged shut … and blocked by 200 pounds of feed. Do I really want it that badly?

    1. errantmoon says:

      Ah yes, the good old days, when I knew where everything was but I couldn’t get to it…

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