Staying sane with general knowledge

As much as I hate social media sites….and I REALLY HATE social media sites…I was convinced to download the House Party app to enable my kid to organise a family quiz meet. (Just to really force home the point, the app was deleted immediately after the fun was done).

I am very happy to report that I and my lockdown partner in crime won the quiz. We got 22 points vs the 18 managed by the various In-Laws, but it was also strangely pleasant to actually be able to see the people I’ve been talking and texting with. (Strange because of how anti-social I normally consider myself).

So…we are doing it again next weekend (sigh, so the app has to be reinstalled)…and I have spent a happy couple of hours scouring the internet for suitable questions. Just in case anyone is feeling a lack of general knowledge right now I have stuck them below. They are very UK-centric and if anyone from outside the UK gets question 6 right feel free to give yourselves an extra 3 points.

Good Luck! 🙂

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  1. Yes, but if people can see me, I will have to brush my hair.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Nope, that’s what baseball caps are for. That way you can also look as if you were just on your way outdoors to do something energetic and possibly heroic.

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