Making new friends

Although I have had mucho encouragement (Thank You!) and the promise of cake if I manage to blog something every day I have decided that I cannot commit to that. I can commit to trying to do that more often though so today’s post is one of my (in)famous ‘Stuff in my home’ ones.

Today I introduce you to Terry…Terry King…(T.Rex…..groan….sorry).

Available here or on eBay

I am not responsible for Terry’s creation, but I have adopted him and he now adorns the top of my telly. It did cross my mind to worry that all of my new friends are made of inanimate matter, but then I realised that at times like this we simply cannot be that choosy.

I’ll let you know if it turns out T-Rexs give good advice.

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  1. Perhaps it is culturally insensitive to comment. If you find a moment, ask him (her? them?) ‘Dude, what is up with those arms?’.

    1. errantmoon says:

      I asked. I believe the answer was something along the lines of ‘they are there to distract you while I bite your head off with my perfectly adequate teeth’ but I may have mis-translated some of it.
      There was also some additional, more graphic, language which was far too colourful to include on a polite blog such as this.

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