I’m gonna stamp my feet until the world behaves the way I want it to.

Thanks to a comment by ennuiandwaffles about being overly invested in a creative project my brain started pondering how truly wonderful it would be if we could all be that way. How about we stop spending most of our time stressing about putting more money into other people’s pockets or how to buy enough stuff to impress our neighbours and instead we spend the majority of our lives becoming overly invested (the correct amount of invested) in the things that actually make us happy?

Some people, some lucky, lucky people, would carry on doing their normal day jobs because they find joy, meaning and purpose in them, but the rest of us could spend as little time as possible doing whatever it takes to pay the bills then spend every other waking moment creating art, lying on the grass watching clouds or visiting every Antony Gormley sculpture in the world.

Yes, some poor billionaires might not make quite so much money, but I bet our brains would thank us eventually.

Bread Works – RA 2019 Antony Gormley

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  1. dustbunnies436 says:

    Heavens, yes! I had a wonderful uni lecturer propose something similar, once. Ted Trainer of UNSW. You should have seen the looks on some students’ faces. 😀

    1. errantmoon says:

      I don’t suppose any change like that would be easy, but is anything worth doing ever easy?
      For me it is 50% I want to spend my time doing the things I actually enjoy and 50% I’m sick of making other people (pointlessly) richer! 🙂

  2. Does anyone else see Event Horizon and think, ‘The Sycorax are here!’?

  3. errantmoon says:

    Unfortunately I’m not that cool 😔

  4. Reference was more geek than cool, I would say.

  5. errantmoon says:

    Unfortunately I’m not that geek either…sigh

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