Random thoughts

I don’t know if I am having more or fewer random thoughts right now, it is hard to tell with everything else that is going on, but here are three of the most recent:

It is going to feel REALLY WERID to walk into a supermarket without having to queue first.

I really hope I get the thrill of doing something vaguely naughty for at least the first few visits after lockdown ends.

This must be REALLY WEIRD for dogs. One day they are out walking with their owners, they spot their mate across the park and over they go…sniffing, bouncing, snuffling their hellos while their owners talk about whatever it is that humans find so interesting then, without warning, the next day they’re held 2 metres apart and have to shout their greetings to each other…weird humans.

I wish drive-in movies were more of a thing in Britain. I know we don’t have the weather for it usually, but it would solve a lot of problems. Social distancing would be maintained – you wouldn’t have anyone coughing or sneezing on you in the dark (unless you take that person with you in which case it is sort of your own fault), films and cinemas would still make money and no-one would be looking at you funny for eating your own body weight in popcorn.

Watching the Italian Job, in a car, in a park, in the rain…bliss.

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  1. Whereas the cats want to know why we are around all day messing with their nap schedule.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Yep…the pets know what’s actually important.

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