Dipping a second toe

As previously moaned about (here) I thought long and hard before posting a brief bit of writing I had done many moons ago. But, in for a penny, in for a pound so here is a little more.

War, horsewoman of the Apocalypse

War leaned across the table and through gritted teeth growled “I don’t surrender.”

“Then you will die.” 

She smirked, “How, exactly?”

“If no-one needs war anymore then you die.”

“Bullshit.” She stood slowly and walked towards the door, “when people stop trying to nick each other’s toys I’ll gladly lay my neck on your chopping block.  Till then, keep your sodding surrender.”

Obviously this one would have been about the end of the world in some way, hearlded by the four horse-people of the apocalypse. I had all four of them fairly well thought out in my head, War most definitely had a lot of red hair for a start off, but again I think I have missed the boat on the ‘using familiar characters in modern settings’. It has been done better by others more recently, but as I wrote before, I am posting these so that I have them set down somewhere for my own future enjoyment.

The beautiful library in Birmingham…where all the lovely books live

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  1. Thank you for putting this out there. Four equestrians, all women? . . . that is something I can feel.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Oooooooh, I hadn’t really thought much about gender yet! I suspect Death itself would be quite androgynous, but there’s no reason the rest couldn’t be women 😀
      I will admit that this one has stayed in my brain since I rediscovered it…percolating and plotting to be expanded it seems…

  2. Mythic characters in modern setting has been done so much because it works. Chanel your inner West Side Story & rock on.

    1. errantmoon says:

      This one has stuck in my head a little bit, I shall let it percolate a while 😁

  3. candidkay says:

    Love the creativity here. And I’m with Jan–four women would be really a coup . . .

    1. errantmoon says:

      Thank you 🙂
      I’m a little sheepish to admit that I now have a first draft of a first chapter…after leaving it sitting all alone in the dark for so long…

      1. candidkay says:

        But you’re moving now!

  4. I read somewhere that famine is caused by humans. There are food shortages, but famine requires political will. Also true of pestilence, in the sense of raging illnesses. Animals fight but do they war? Ants? Therefore, 3 of the 4 are human creations. Death is not. I wonder how this affects their dynamic.

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