Knowing when to let them go

It’s time.

The vast array of Kitchen Friends have to be sent off to pastures new.

I really feel like I should point out that I had quite a large stash of these BEFORE the lockdown started – I do not use twice as much loo roll as the rest of the world…it just looks as if I do. But the reason I started stashing loo rolls in the first place was for them to become treat holders for a new puppy.

(Warning: obligatory cute puppy photo to follow…)

But the adorable puppy has grown in the time since I’ve been able to provide treat holders and now it seems like being torn apart in a fraction of a second is not a dignified way for anyone to go, let alone Kitchen Friends who have been by my side throughout.

She has gown…a lot.

So my friends will be recycled. That seems like a more humane end and will hopefully give a smile to anyone at the recycling plant that spots them.

To end on a slightly more positive note – my cucamelon seeds have germinated and my crop of rocket leaves is keeping us well stocked in salad leaves and pizza toppings.

I see you there….

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  1. I hope that the dog growth slows soon or you’re going to have to get a saddle for walkies

    1. errantmoon says:

      Fortunately it isn’t me that will need to saddle up, but it seems that her ability to reach the counter top to snaffle entire blocks of cheese may be a more pressing issue 😮
      Hope you’re all well and managing to stay (relatively) sane!

      1. Yeah our dogs are snafflers too and work together to pilfer. Cujo once ate a block of butter then ejected said butter on the couches. It was a wonderful day. I’m not great, but have a week of work to recharge/play Microsoft solitaire. It’s sunny here so I’ve been to the Costa del back garden and might return again soon. Hope you and your folk are grand 🙂

        1. errantmoon says:

          LOVE that one of your dogs is named Cujo. I named a dog after the queen of the fairies once…it became a self fulfilling prophesy.

  2. Ode to the Loo Roll.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to get farther than this. A ballad? A haiku? A limerick? There once was a toilet from Trent …

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