Mists and mellow…

Traditionally (I believe) Spring is the season of new beginnings and fresh starts, but for me it is the Autumn that brings those things. Cold, clean air that is moved along by gusts full of orange leaves is easier to breath. Bright sunlight that illuminates without overheating is easier to see with. Walking home during a twilight that descends before you’ve eaten your evening meal promises hygge when you get back through your front door.

I find these things motivating. No social obligations, no spontaneous BBQ’s (pre-virus of course), no guilt at not joining the mad joggers as they pound past the window, instead I can hide away and think about crafting and art and making pretty things with no purpose. I can ponder the wonders of the world without having it poke it’s nose in to see what I’m up to, all from within the confines of my plague blanket.

Plague Blanket…handy for when you don’t want to turn the heating on yet.

The garden is beginning to need less attention, less pruning and weeding, so more time is available for plotting and planning. This does have an unfortunate side effect sometimes…sometimes you get talking into projects you would never have imagined on your own.

Knitted pumpkins anyone?

Sometimes you allow your subconscious to take over for a few seconds and when you return to reality you find yourself having signed up to sell your doodlings on Society6 and RedBubble. (I may not have a definite idea what this blog is for but I do know what it is NOT for and that is marketing. I will NOT be pushing my arty-fart offerings here…or anywhere in fact…but it wouldn’t be rocket science to find me on there). That was a little scary, who knows how the world will react? I told the kid that I’m not interesting in bigging up my stuff, I’m not really that fussed if none of it sells and she managed to sum it up for me:

“You’re just after a creative outlet”. Yes Kid, that’s exactly it. It’s also why I will probably be joining Etsy in the new year.

Honeycomb phone sock, for the discerning bee lover. Available on all good internets soon.

All of this is because Autumn is descending upon us, in the northern hemisphere at least. Mists to hide in and mellow fruitfulness to be productive in.

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  1. I love autumn too. A friend commiserated when I said we had experienced more fog than usual, but we love the fog! Etsy, yes. That is also in my future for my shawls and quilts. The stash is growing.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Oh! I had forgotten about fog! Can’t wait for that to roll in 😁 It must be glorious to watch it across the water.

      1. It flows down along Arch Cape Creek, which is lovely. And then my favorite is when it makes a thick rolled band along the horizon over the ocean. Beautiful!

        1. errantmoon says:

          I would be very jealous if I didn’t know that you are well aware of your good fortune, in which case I shall just hope you both get to enjoy it for many, many more years to come 😁

        2. Thank you! (Grateful every moment of every day.)

  2. And the weather has changed here—going chill and bright.

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