Not a prediction…

We have been watched a huge number of documentaries recently, which I’m sure will result in some sort of blog post soon enough, but last night’s fare has a connection to something I read this morning.

Some background: I no longer read the news on ‘proper’ news sites…it’s too depressing and I VERY soon realised that the sky did not fall in if I didn’t know all the facts about all the issues, which were usually from somewhere across the other side of the world and that didn’t affect me. (Proviso – I understand that other people feel a huge pressure to stay ‘informed’, almost as a civic duty, but I just don’t believe we are being informed. I think we’re being mislead by other people’s agendas and, most annoyingly, that we’re being actively kept fearful because scared people are easier to control…anyway…)

I also don’t keep up with gossip of the celebrity/Hollywood/small screen variety from the usual places, mostly because their role appears to be nothing more than inflating people’s egos right up to the point they decide to burst them (usually as viciously as they can).

But what I do now is get information second-hand, via sources I have decided upon for myself, based on their writing, political leanings and empathy and because I do still watch films and telly sometimes I am interested in what new stuff is coming up, as well as ‘news’ about the people involved.

Last night we watched The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened which tells the tale of the Superman film, starring Nicolas Cage, that was never actually made. It was a lot more interesting than I was expecting, showing sides to film development that we rarely get to see, and I recommend it (even though there is the grand total of ONE woman interviewed for it, while I’m pretty damn sure more women were involved in the thing when it was happening…tut).

The photo below, taken during a costume fitting, has been toted round as just cause for the film not being made.

and based on this, I agree

This image is explained during the documentary, it is a candid shot, taken NOT as a true reflection of the film as a whole, but as part of the on-going discussion about Superman’s costume. It then goes on to show more images, ones that maybe provoke a different, slightly more positive, reaction.

This morning I was reading The Mary Sues website…as you do…and saw that, unfortunately, Henry Cavill probably won’t be reprising his version of Superman for a cameo in the second Shazam film…

That costume looks mightily familiar…

Now you may already have guessed where I’m going with this but, bear with me, give it a minute, let the delicious, fantastic, monstrous idea sink in a little.


I truly believe that would be something positive and good in a world that surely needs it right now. Who do I need to talk to about this?

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  1. What a but awful candid pic of Nicholas Cage in costume! I have to say I’ve always liked the actor but felt sorry for some of his but awful work.

    1. errantmoon says:

      Yep, he’s 50% genius and 50% WTF?! (I do have a soft spot for some of the WTF films though…Drive Angry is hysterical…)

      1. I haven’t seen that one. I’ll put it on my growing list of books to read and movies to watch. Despite pandemic I’m having trouble keeping up.

        1. errantmoon says:

          It’s a ‘bad guys getting their comeuppance in the most over the top way possible’/pass the popcorn film for sure 😁 I hope you enjoy it when you get to it!

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