The Week That Was (13/09/21)

This week someone sent me an email via Etsy, enquiring about discounts for bulking buying knitted breasts. To get a true picture of this ‘Week That Was’ you should imagine me and my home surrounded by millions of knitted boobs…as if they were tribbles.

Monday: Summed up best by an image I feel…

Tis the season for trainee midwives I guess.

Tuesday: Doggy-sitting and boob knitting, not at the same time though.

Wednesday: I sold a sticker to someone in America on RedBubble. To be perfectly honest I had forgotten that I had anything for sale on Redbubble, but who’s gonna turn down 24p that comes from out of the blue?! (I should probably put more effort into that bit of my quest for world domintion via online arty fart selling…)

Thursday: GOTCHA!!!

This was probably entrapment though. I did chop off a sunflower head and put down bird seed for him, it’ll never stand up in a court of law.

Friday: Finally took the car in for it’s MOT. A lot of the stress I’m having about this is due to a) I’m pretty sure it’s going to fail, it has been driving ‘differently’ recently AND it’s an old car b) I don’t want to be spoken to as if I’m an idiot because I didn’t go to college or do an apprenticeship to learn how to be a mechanic and c) I’m just not used to this, I have driven company cars for years, being responsible for my own is weird now.

Fortunately, even though I’m no mechanic, I have spent years reading about and practising various methods for dealing with uncertain futures and the stress they can cause, so my head didn’t explode at any point (came close though). The car did fail, but it’s all fixable. I wasn’t spoken to as if I’m a fool because I chose a large, national garage chain who, presumably, teach basic customer service to their employees and I got over the fact that some of my time must now be spent thinking about stuff I used to just hand off to someone else.

Saturday: Went to see what’s what with my car and somehow managed to get them to agree to do all the work necessary, even though they are VERY busy, by explaining that I’m in no rush whatsoever and by making myself the very model of the perfect customer. I’m putting them under NO time pressures, I’m not quibbling over any prices and I even asked very nicely if I could leave the car with them so they can work on it whenever they want to, instead of demanding it be done within the couple of hours their booking systems give them.

It’s booked in for next Thursday but will live with them until then. Next week is a walking week, which is fine by me.

Sunday: I started the week surrounded by knitted breasts, which it can be argued is not the most high-brow of situations, but I ended it by being presented with a hand carved kntting bowl, (hand carved…from scratch!!) which completely rescued my desire to be seen as a dignified craftsperson.

(I don’t really need to be seen as dignified…just not constantly surrounded by boobs perhaps)

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  1. Doug Butts says:

    Sounds like quite the week. Well done for not melting down when strange grease-covered men put their hands all over your car. Please let us know what people type in to Google image search to get to this page in future. I’ve a feeling you may attract some new readers with unusual interests.

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