The Week That Was (20/09/21)

With my car stuck in the garage all week this was indeed the Walking Week, but none of it hurt, my legs didn’t fall off and the sky didn’t fall in because I somehow survived without one of modern life’s status symbols…a success then I think.

Monday: Walked to the post office (legs didn’t fall off etc) then homeward to knit, sew and manage to stab myself with a pin. Three cushions covers completed and one begun.

Book one of Walking Week finished:

I had wanted to read this book for a long while, but I think it is going to take some time to digest. There is a lot of food for thought in there, but also a reinforcement of the idea that writing (to yourself more than to another person or out to the rest of the world) can be a very positive thing. I will almost certainly be rereading this soon.

Tuesday: Started designing a knitted mermaid pattern, as you do, in a random and not at all directed manner.

Finished book two of Walking Week:

Thoroughly enjoyed this, although it’s hard to describe. What did stay with me after reading it was the overwhelming impression that these authors had probably spent a HUGE amount of time and effort in creating a world full of intricate details, fully rounded characters and an entire universe spanning plot, to then distill the whole thing down into only the most salient, most necessary and most moving parts…which I appreciate.

Wednesday: Walked to my doggy-sitting duties (sky didn’t fall in etc) and finished book three of Walking Week.

I finished this book by not finishing it. I have concluded that the world building was just too slow/too complicated/too not my sort of thing but I did know immediately who would enjoy it, so it has not gone to waste.

Thursday: Walked to my doggy-sitting duties (and it didn’t hurt etc). I had to pop into the post office on the way there to send a knitted boob to America. This one was requested as a gift for someone else and, reading between the lines of the gift message, I am assuming it was for someone who has recently qualified as a doctor. I am starting to think that it is simply the fact that I offer different flesh tones that explains my sales. I haven’t sold many ‘white’ ones so it seems diversity can be profitable as well as the only right thing to do.

Friday: Yet another knitted boob sale to an American customer has blown my flesh toned theory out of the water. This order was for a multicoloured one…sigh. Is no-one in America knitting breasts? (Also…is it normal to type ‘knitted breasts’ this many times?)

Finished book four of Walking Week:

I bought this one cheaply from eBay because as much as I used to love this author I have really not enjoyed much of his later work. Unfortuately that is true of this one too. His crime thrillers used to have much more humour and weirdness about them so although his writing is still as good as always I just don’t seem to get as much out of them. I do have a neighbour who might though, so yet again it won’t be wasted.

Saturday: I ventured, with The Kid and The Dog, to a new ‘dog field’. I don’t know if this is a global thing but since the pandemic kicked off one of the ways people who own land are dealing with it is by securely fencing off their fields then charging people to take their dogs to them. It doesn’t sound like much, but watching a two year old labrador do zoomies around a field for an hour, totally happy, totally unable to escape, without having to worry about her being attacked by other dogs or worrying about her bouncing off other dogs heads is a truly joyous thing and well worth £10.

After the field there was a short shopping trip during which I discovered a NEW WOOL SHOP.


I managed to escape after buying ONLY four balls of wool. Now my life is a neverending struggle against spending every penny I’ve got on supporting a local small business woman.

I also got my car back and it’s driving much better and quieter and although it cost a fairly large amount of money I am happy that we are reunited…although it does now mean I don’t need to walk 10 miles to the NEW WOOL SHOP…I could just drive there…hmmm.

Sunday: This was a relaxing end to the week, not because I no longer have to walk places, but because I allowed it to be.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dr. Dick Biscuit says:

    Before the invention of the wheel people used to live to around 40 years old. Is that proof that walking is bad for you? Yes, clearly. I’m very happy that you have your car back. Otherwise you would surely have died.

    1. Your logic has an over-confident certainty to it…middle aged white man by any chance? 😁

  2. Dr. Dick Biscuit says:

    Lucky guess.

    1. ‘Guessing’ is the ability to take your previous experiences and use them to work out present likelihood’s. I win 😁

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