The Week That Was (27/09/21)

This post may turn out to be quite short, because it’s either that or me ranting on for pages and pages and pages and pages…and none of us want that.

Monday: My journal notes ‘Britain has gone mad again because 5 lorry drivers called in sick’. Queues at the pumps and homes full of dangerous chemicals stored in dodgy containers.

Tuesday: We trundled down the motorway again, more DIY and decorating to be done. Queues up the slip roads to the service stations for fuel, or the overhead matrixes claiming no petrol/diesel at such-and-such services. Sigh.

Wednesday: Got loads done. Got fuel locally to get home tomorrow (because there is NO shortage, just frightened people who think their lives will end if they have to walk, car-share or take public transport). Painted the bedroom ceiling AND the living room ceiling…I hate painting ceilings, in fact, I may vow to never paint another ceiling again.

Thursday: Laid a living room carpet and pootled home. Fridges have been moved, hobs have been fitted, lighting has been replaced and phone sockets changed. All of the little jobs that take forever have been done (glossing woodwork – 3 days work resulting in almost no discernable difference) so we now have the joy of seeing everything come together (hopefully soon).

I was right to cart a big box of knitted boobs along with us as I had to post some. I had lengthened the amount of time I give to dispatch items on Etsy, but I much prefer posting stuff immediately. Customers get their purchases in a timely manner and I don’t forget to do it.

Friday: Had a custom knitted boob order from a French customer, which was a nice conversation and I managed to get it completed in time to get into the post this afternoon…or so I thought. Turns out that in order to send stuff to Europe now UK businesses have to add tariff numbers and sort various VAT things (so much so that I have been told of wholesalers that dispatch from England who no longer send to Northern Ireland WHO ARE STILL PART OF THE UK because Brexit means they have to send their paperwork a week in advance as well as having a million other hoops to jump through in order to get stock over there and it’s just not profitable for them anymore). I did the best I could and thought I would be able to check my details with the bloke who runs the post office. Turns out that they have not had any training in this stuff either and their group chat has horror stories of customers having their sales returned to them three or four times (having to pay to post them again each time). We think we filled in everything that was needed, but if those boobs get returned to me I will be taking Europe off my Etsy posting list.

I do not blame the French customs people at all. I don’t even really blame the idiots who voted Leave on brexit. Nope, the people I blame are the ones who lied, constantly and blatantly, during the run up to the referendum.

We will NOT be saving millions by leaving the EU…it is going to cost us millions. We will NOT have more freedom over our lives and laws…we will have empty shelves and queues at the petrol pumps. We will NOT have generations of new business owners and entrepreneurs because it will be too expensive and complicated for people to even try those things now.

What we will have is bunch of mostly older racists and xenophobes who voted leave, still strutting around with their unearned superiority, safe in the knowledge that when the worst of the shit hits the fans they will be dead and so won’t have to face the consequences…much as with climate change.

Newflash for the racists and xenophobes – you didn’t get rid of the foreigners working the very well paid IT, engineering and tech jobs, they’re still all here. Who you did manage to get rid of were the minimum wage, under-paid and over-worked lorry drivers, care workers, NHS auxiliary staff and shelf stackers. Good luck keeping up your massively privileged lifestyles without the under appreciated people you’ve dismissed and discriminated against for years.

Saturday: Calmed myself by watching squirrels eating monkey nuts in the garden and by walking circles in the dog field with The Kid as The Dog sniffed every blade of grass in the place.

Sunday: Raced between bouts of rain to get the washing dry outdoors and added hair to a mermaid…as you do.

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  1. dustbunnies436 says:

    As you do! You’re wonderful. 🙂

  2. Feels sympathic rant coming on. Stares fixedly at little knit mermaid.

    1. Yep, little knitted mermaids can work miracles when the world is pushing all your buttons!

  3. This was just one week, right?

    1. Oh yes…but what a week…

  4. Doug Butts says:

    When it comes to other countries fortunately I’m colorblind but it’s blue/yellow colorblind so it doesn’t interfere with my racism.

    1. They say that the first step to overcome something is to admit it…

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